I Have Four Front Teeth Missing And Would Like To Know My Denture Options As I’m Getting Married Next Year?

Hi Dr Moore. I have had my 4 front upper teeth missing for a number of years now. I had bad teeth ever since I was a child and my 2 back teeth each side on lower(wisdom) are also missing. What options have I got as I don’t know which denture treatment I need and the costs as I’m self employed? They get me down and I need to do something about them as I want to get married in the next year and want to be able to smile. My teeth are bad and I feel ashamed to go to local dentist. Thanks.
Hello and thank you for writing in. I would need to see you in person to diagnose you with any degree of accuracy but it sounds like a chrome denture might be your best bet. Costs differ from patient to patient as it depends of the quality of materials and degree of workmanship involved. Ask around for a recommendation for a local dentist with experience of handling cases such as yours. Dentists see people with a wide range of dental issues every day. If you put it off it could potentially cause you a wide range of problems relating to your health and well being. I hope this helps you and more information on the various denture treatments can be found through this website. Regards, Andrew.
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