I Have Chronic Periodontal Disease, Will All-On-Six Implants Stop The Disease In Future?

I have chronic periodontal disease and bone loss, and wonder if I can I have the all-on-6 implants, will they last or will they fail because of my problems and is it true once teeth are removed, so will the gum disease be removed? What problems can arise with the implants, how often do you have them removed for cleaning? Can you still get abscess with implants as I do with my teeth now, and is it the type of implant that makes them suitable for people like myself? Everyone says that they are the solution, for gum disease and bone loss. I only hope you agree, many thanks.
Hello. Thank you for getting in touch. Your question is a common one and very relevant to the implant treatment you described. Mainly because the significant majority of cases we treat using all-on-4 or all-on-6 have lost all their teeth or are in the process of losing all their teeth due to periodontal disease. The treatment is extremely successful and the results are truly life changing. The result is a fixed arch of teeth supported on 4 or 6 implants that is permanently fixed in place, but can be removed by your dentist for maintenance if required. In the first instance you would need to have adequate bone available to receive the implants, and this can be accurately determined using a CT scan. If there is sufficient bone available the implants can often be placed and an arch of fixed teeth secured at the same time. A procedure known as “same day teeth”.
Please also visit my website www.samedayteeth.co.uk where you can see examples of cases we have treated.

Patients with a history of periodontal disease are at a higher risk of implant complications and failure, but this can be minimised if great care is taken to look after them, in combination with visits to see a hygienist. Best wishes Marcus Gambroudes.

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