I have bleeding in my gums and have got worse can i have gum grafting in NHS

Q. After having braces about 5 years ago I noticed when they were took off slight gum recession on my front lower two teeth. This has got progressively worse, I am now 20 and my front two teeth have very little gum left and bleed when I touch them, they are slightly wobbly. I keep going back to my dentist who has told me different things every time, last time I went he told me there was still gingivitis in my gums but that my gums had grown back, when in actual fact my gums have got a lot worse. I am brushing twice daily with an electric toothbrush, brushing upwards on my gums, flossing, and I have gengigel which I apply before going to bed. I have recently started using cordosyl mouthwash. I realise I need to go back to the dentist but I am not confident at all in his abilities anymore. What is the best course of action for my gums and is it possible to save my teeth as they are only very slightly wobbly. I have heard of gum grafts, could this be an option, and also is there anything else you think I should do to help my gums and teeth? I realise I will have to pay for gum grafts, can I get this on the Nhs or will I have to go private and could you tell me an estimation of the cost. I am 20 and in full time education (college) but receive no benefits. Thanks in advance,


You need further assement and some Xrays to diagnose why this has happened. The correct treatment to first stabilise and then (if possible) repair the damage can be planned.
You can ask your dentist for an NHS referral to a dental university teaching hospital.
The StJohns Dental practice in the heart of Birmingham City Centre offers a free consulation that will manage the basic questions, two Xrays cost around £14. Then you can get an idea of appropriate treatment and cost.

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September 24th, 2009 at 08:47 PM
mark Says :

why are dentist in the uk a rip off, you need a second morgage for tretment !

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