I Have Been Told That I Am Unsuitable For Any Brace Treatment, Now What?

Hi, Dr Butt. I wondered if you could please advise me on something? I have crooked teeth but I have been told that I am unsuitable for any kind of braces or aligner as my top jaw is too narrow so there is no room for my teeth to actually straighten out. I had teeth removed as a child to make room for the rest to straighten out but this never happened and so I have been told I would need surgery. I don’t like the idea of surgery so am considering either implants or dentures as a total replacement. Will this be possible and which is best for the long term? I am in my early 30’s so want a long term solution.And something that would be cost efficient too, is there any treatment I can receive via finance options or anything of the sort that you know of? As I doubt any of the treatment I need would be available through the NHS. Thanks! 
Hi, thank you very much for your question. If you seriously considered this extreme option , implants always favour dentures .
The better option is a compromised orthodontic treatment. I hope this helps. Regards, 
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