I have been approached by a company offering in-home laser teeth whitening. Safe to do it?

Q. I was recently approached by a white smiles company who said that they could conduct laser teeth whitening safetly in my own home at the fraction of the cost it would be in a professional dentists. I have not had this done but need to ask if this can be done with my health and safety in mind? I am always skeptical of this sort of thing especially concerned about the hygeiene and the feasibility if this can be done? Also insurance wise what if anything went wrong would I be covered>?. Is this safe and legal to do procedures of this nature at a customers home? thanks,
A. I would advise you to go to a Cosmetic Dentist for a whitening consultation. Insurance normally don’t cover cosmetic treatment, but you need to contact the company you with to find that out. If you go to a Professional registered Dentist you will be protected by the General Dental Council. Contact them to find out more. You might also need to see a hygienist prior any whitening treatment, hence seing a Dentist to the best option on all aspects.
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