I have been advised to have re-root treament or extraction, any other options?

Q. I have a tooth (front incisor) which had a root canal filling and porcelain veneer around 19 years ago. the root canal filling has now failed and may have been like that for some time but having had no other symptoms from it, it has gone unnoticed. The tooth itself had suffered from root resorbtion until it was treated and I also have some bone resorbtion between the adjacent teeth. The infection looks to be around the root of the tooth rather than a small abcess at the tip of the root as previous. I have had a couple of options given to me and would like to know what your opinion would be on this. I have advised to have a root re treatment which may clear it up permanently, or an apecetomy/root filling or to extract it and have an implant. The damage to the tooth was due to trauma and seems on the outside to be in good condition. Do you think i should get rid of the tooth and get rid of the problem/infection altogether or persevere with the tooth and try to keep it as long as possible. thanks,
A. Its a personal preference but my first thought would be that a a root with resorbtion and a failed root filling has a gaurded to poor prognosis. If I saw the tooth on some occasions I might prefer retreatment but not an apicectomy. If an implant was not contraindicated ( need to confirm by clinical exam ) I would generally prefer an implant for a long term solution. I would be happy to explain the pros & cons of a particular treatment in your case. StJohns Dental practice in Birmingham is 1 minute from New Street station. We offer a free initial consultation to provide advice on the most likely best option in your case. Call Amy on 0121 643 0610 for details or follow the weblink from CDG. Rob
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