I Have A Small Hole In The Gap Between My Teeth. My Dentist Missed It And It’s Starting To Bother Me. Should I Have Told Him?

Hi Andrew. I have a small hole located next to my front teeth, in the small gap between the two. It is very minute and when I went for a check up the dentist didn’t notice it at all so I didn’t bring it up, should I have mentioned that this bothers me? I feel I may need a small filling but how large does the hole have to be for this to happen?  Obviously I’d need a white filling with it being at the front of my mouth, any advice would be great. Thank you.
Thank you for getting in touch and writing in. It might be a natural space not caused by tooth decay if the dentist didn’t notice it but it might be best to pop back and ask him to check it in case it needs a white filling. You may also want to consider cosmetic bonding as an option to close this gap. Have you noticed this gap before? If you have something on your mind it is easy to forget when you get in the dentists office. It’s always best to write a list of things down before you go in, so your dentist can try to address each problem to help you with your peace of mind. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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