I Have A Protruding Tooth That Makes Me Self Conscious When I Smile. Is It Safe To Remove? What Can Be Done To Help?

Hello Doctor, I am a 38-year-old female who has one protruding upper incisor that grew before I lost my milk teeth. The rest of my teeth are fine. I had tried wearing braces once several years ago, but the separators the orthodontist used to create gaps between my teeth didn’t work. There isn’t much space between my teeth, and they are otherwise quite strong. I don’t really want to have the protruding incisor extracted because I feel all my teeth will become loose, however, I still want to make my upper row of teeth uniform because I am very-self-conscious when I smile. The protruding tooth does not create problems with closing my mouth, but I’d still like to fix it. Please can you advise me on what kind of treatment is best for me, where I could get it done and how much it would cost? Thank you.
Hello there. Your best course of action would be to book an appointment, as it is hard to gauge which treatment would be appropriate without examining your mouth thoroughly. Only after this can you be given all your options. I would recommend a consultation initially. Many thanks.
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