I have a narrow mouth, inherited overbite

Q. Complicated question for you ,, Hi, I have a narrow mouth, inherited overbite combined with years of thumbsucking which has pushed my teeth out further. I have bone loss in from periodontist issues. I have some lose teeth as a result ,what I seek ( which I believe is doable with right person) is a combination of lumineers, cerdec, bridgework perhaps. What wont work for me is implants or dentures. I was told that I would maybe only have 5 years of having a nice smile before I ran into issues but 5 years for me is a lifetime, as Ihave never had a nice smile. I believe there is so much new technology happening that in 5 years harvard may have completed growing bone tissue plus there is just so many advances in everything. If i remove all my teeth to gain 20 or 30 years ( I am 47) I stand to lose out on keeping my teeth! Circumstances have put me in this predicament so my question to you is ,, is it possible to do what I want? We all have egos when it comes to our professions I am no different in my own, yet I can work out of the box, have you ever heard of what I ask?? Thanks


The first thing that needs to be done is treat your periodontal disease.  The teeth taht are not saveable need to be removed and then a proper treatment plan needs to be formulated to give you a long term result.  There does not seem to be any quick fixes from what you say in your Email.  There are incredible advances in technology but we are still dealing with a biological system.  The advances in technology give us many more options but at the end of the day they are only tools to help us deal with a complicated problem involving bacteria, immunity, damaging forces form your bite etc.  Placing bridge work etc without treating the underlying the disease would probably quicken the loss of your remaining teeth if the underlying causes are not addressed

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