I Have A Maryland Bridge That Falls Off On A Regular Basis. Is There Anything More Permanent That Can Be Done?

Dear Dr Hughes.
I had braces as a teenager to move my canine teeth from beside my front two teeth where they originally grew. This then left a gap and I have had a Maryland bridge in place for a few years. This continues to fall off on a regular basis. On previous X-rays the dentist has said my root above will not allow me to have an implant in place. Although this would be my preferred choice. Is there anything more permanent that can be done? Is an implant an option if the other teeth with the root obstructing is also removed and an implant inserted? Please inform of any options.
Also I am having to have a root canal on the front tooth due to trauma injury which will mean the bridge will have to be removed. Can anything including this be done on the same day?
Thank you for your questions. The most ideal option usually, is that more orthodontics are done to create the correct amount of space for a dental implant(s) – would you consider this if it was possible?

If dental implants are to be excluded then you have either bridges or dentures.

Bridges can be “resin bonded” such as a Maryland but that may only last a matter of years and then need to be replaced. Your Maryland could be replaced for a new/better version as the simplest option. The main advantage of these is that the tooth next to the gap needs almost no reduction or ‘preparation’ in most cases and they are relatively more cost effective.

Bridges can also be “fixed” – this requires some ‘preparation’ or filing down of the tooth either side or only on one side of your gap. They stay on better but cost a lot more and then there is the damage to the healthy tooth and the possible complications and long term consequences of this preparation (root canal treatment, loss of tooth).

Dentures are fully removable but these have their own disadvantages but it is certainly the cheapest and less ‘invasive’ option.

I would advise you to go and be thoroughly examined by an excellent cosmetic dentist or restorative dental specialist and maybe their preferred specialist orthodontist to see if the roots can be moved for implants.

Regards, Mark.

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