I Have A Gap Tooth That Seemingly Cannot Be Fixed By Braces, What Can Be Done?

I have a gap in the middle of my teeth and fit a lolly pop stick in it so quite large
I have had braces and it came back in a week while they are sorting my retainer out. Like I don’t know why or how this happened but it is very frustrating and knocked me quite a bit. To have it actually seem as though it is fixed and then be back to square one within a week is kind of demoralising and I need to try and get some expert advice or help on how to get it properly and permanantly resolved. Whenever I am with friends and stuff it affects the times I have negatively, like  it gets me really down, and hate smileing
the skin in the middle or the gap and get quite sensitive and sore at times
what is the best soultion for this?
and kind of costs im looking at?
any advice you be greatly apprectated
Many Thanks

Patients who wish gaps between there central teeth to be closed will possibly require braces. I would recommend a consultation to see what your options would be.

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