I have a dark grey line along the base of my bottom molar teeth what could this be?

Q. I have a couple of problems I’d like advice on. Firstly, I have just noticed a dark grey line along the base of one of my bottom molar teeth… the rest of the tooth looks healthy and the gum doesn’t hurt… what could this be? Secondly, I had some fillings along the top of my 2 front teeth, but the dentist smeared it all over the teeth, which have now stained darker than the rest of my teeth. Is it possible to have these removed? I am considering teeth whitening- specifically ‘enlighten’ as all my teeth are quite stained and I’m only 22 but I’m just wondering if this causes long term damage to the enamel, and how long lasting the effect actually is?

A. 1. The dark line could be decay or stain or the edge of a crown- get this checked out
2. The filling could be polished to get rid of the dark edges
3. Tooth whitening doesn’t damage the teeth but may cause temporary sensitivity for a few weeks

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