I Have A Crown With A Post That Keeps Coming Loose. What Is The Best Way To Get This Fixed?

Why does my crown with a post keep coming loose? It is about 11 years old and I have been to my dentist at least 3 times in order to have it glued back in.  It is a front tooth with 5 more crowns next to it, all of which are fine so I just wondered if it may be the case that the crown could be glued in stronger?  I would be very grateful for your advice as I am getting to the point of thinking about having it removed and having a false tooth fitted as a replacement.
It sounds like the root might be fractured, therefore it needs to be assessed by your dentist who will be able to determine the best course of action, whether it be repairing the fractured root or removing the tooth entirely and replacing it with a false one. As with any dental problem of this nature, I would suggest getting the tooth looked at sooner rather than later because if the root is fractured, the damage will only get worse the longer it is left unchecked and it may not be so easy to fix.
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