I Have A Couple Of Chipped Teeth From Playing Rugby But I’m Worried It Could Cost Upward Of Twenty Thousand To Get The Smile I Used To Have?

I chipped my front four teeth in rugby and apparently I brushed my teeth too hard as a child, my teeth are perfectly straight, I just want to fix the chips and nicks in my front four teeth and whiten them all so I can have the smile I used to have and feel confident again, how much do you think it will cost, it’s all relatively minor work, and then some whitening because my teeth are frustratingly resistant to home whitening, my teeth were perfect until I banged them up playing sports now the front four are chipped, I was worried when I saw these 20,000 dollar price-tags but my local dentist says there is really nothing he can do for me, any information or advice?
There are lots of potential options for you. Not all smile makeovers need to be £20000 worth of treatment, in fact the majority of the treatments we carry out are much less involved than that.

Here is an example of a case that might be similar to yours that cost a fraction of that

http://www.harleystreetdentalgroup.org/cs-amy.php. Please go and see a good, experienced cosmetic dentist in your area for an examination and some advice. Best wishes, Mark.

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