I Have A Chipped Tooth And Want It Repaired. How Much Do You Think It Will Cost?

Hello Dr. Kalpesh Bohara, I have a chipped tooth (front tooth) and I wanted to have composite bonding. Please can you advise how much it would cost to repair a chipped tooth using this method. It is only chipped in one corner of the tooth. The tooth has been chipped for a long time but  and I did want it sorted when it happened however my teeth were crooked and I had to have braces put on. I have only just had my braces removed and was interested in getting my chipped tooth repairs years ago however my dentist had told me not to repair the chip now and advised me that I should get my teeth straightened first. And now my braces are off and my teeth are all straight. So the priority now is getting my chipped tooth repaired now and I shall have the smile I want. And advice you can offer will be helpful. I look forward to reading your response doctor. Thank you.
Hello, the cost of having the chip repaired by this method will be possibly between £100 to £150. Although it is difficult to give a definitive quote without examining you. I hope this helps. Thanks, 
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