I Have A Big Gap Between My Two Front Teeth And I Never Smile. What Would Be The Best Procedure For This?

Hi Mark. I would be so grateful for your advice. I have a big gap between my 2 front teeth and I never smile because of it. I am just wondering what would be the best procedure to close it? I’d also like to know the price of this procedure and the pros and cons involved.
I really want the gap gone or even just a little bit smaller as it is too big and people make fun of me because of it. I have heard about cosmetic bonding and I am interested in that. I have also seen on YouTube about rubber bands that can close the gap but I am not sure if this is safe. I hope you can help.
Hi. The answer could be bonding or veneers or orthodontics or a combination of two. It really depends on the size of the gap and the root angles of the teeth either side. Ideally I would need to see a photo. Bonding would usually cost somewhere between £200 and £600 to close a space depending on the complexity and the quality of the result you wish for. If you need some kind of orthodontics as well then treatment would be into the thousands. This is best determined through a face-to-face consultation. Regards, Mark.
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