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Q. Hi Mr. Caplan, I’m 19/20. I absolutely HATE my smile, I have crowded crooked teeth and NEED to get them fixed. I’m terrified of braces and honestly don’t know if I would have the patience to stick with them for 2/3 years! I visited a cosmetic dentist before and he said that I would need 6 veneers on top and 5 on the bottom. However, only 6 of the teeth in my whole mouth are misaligned. I am fine with the colour of my teeth (although they could be a bit whiter!) and the size of them but I can’t live with the crookedness of them anymore!!! Obviously with my age the main issue of dentistry is the money, are there any payment plans that you are aware of? does your surgery support this method of payment? do you have any suggestions or recomendations for me? Thanks so so much

A. Ou may be a good candidate for an Inman Aligner – a type of brace that allows for realignment of teeth often within 3 months!.  Your teeth may have to be slimmed slightly to gain space and sometimes veneers are required afterwards.  Often I find that the Inman Aligner is all that is required.  In my practice we do offer payment plans to allow this treatment to be more affordabel – the Inman Aligner is usually the region of £1600. Please visit my web site to book a free cosmetic consultation appointment.

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