I Had To Make A Complain About An Ill Fitting Plate A Dentist Gave Me. Do You Know How Much It Will Cost To Fix This?

Hello Mark. I recently had a cap on a plinth removed which was replaced by an ill fitting plate that fits uncomfortably in the roof of my mouth. This makes it hard to actually speak clearly. I have a large gap the size of two teeth at the top which is really embarrassing. Please can you supply a solution and also an approximate cost of what it would be to fix this? I have made a complaint against the dentist to the dental regulator. This was on advice from another dentist who told me it was the worst piece of dentistry he has seen. I look forward to your reply. Thank you for your time.
Hello. Thank you for writing in. Could you please send in some photographs or come for a detailed examination and consultation as it’s impossible to quote without seeing the situation and looking at the health and function of your mouth first. I can try to get back to you with a better assessment of your situation. Kind regards, Mark.
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