i had my two front teeth bonded and did not like the result

Q. Hello, i recently had my two front teeth bonded and didn’t like the result. I should have done invislign but my budget would not allow me. Can bonding be removed safely without harming the real tooth? Only the acid solution was used no drilling. If so, how can you tell the bonding from the real tooth? I’ve been to three dentists and they all say removing bonding is real hard and afraid to hit the real tooth when removing bonding from the surface of my teeth. What should I do?

A. I agree that bonding is never truly reversible, you are better to simulate a reasonable comprimise look  ( even if that is your old appearance ) then remove the veneers and make a new set to the prescription that you chose.

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January 25th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
claire cornish Says :

I had a bonding put on my tooth which I didn’t need. I am menopausal. It was a very traumatic experience, it exacerbated my OCD and has left me with a broken relationship and brain damage.

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