I Had Implants Done Abroad, And I Need The Crowns My Dentist Sent By Courier To Be Fitted In The UK. How Would This Be Done?

Hello, Dr Shaffie. I already have two dental implants done abroad. The crowns had to be replaced because they were not firm, my dentist took new teeth impressions and had new crowns made, but unfortunately they were not ready when I left for my studies in the UK. My dentist has sent them to me by courier. I would like to find out if I can have them fitted here in the UK? I am currently studying in Cardiff. How much would it cost to fit them? Would a dentist be willing to take on a patient just to fit already prepared crowns? You would really be helping me out if you could offer any advice. Thanks.
It is always a difficult situation fitting another dentists work, especially if the treatment, either in part or in whole was done overseas. There are also lots of different types of implants and implant systems and not all dentists use the same ones.

One of our implant experts could try to help you here in London but we cannot make any guarantees. The best thing to do is gather copies of all your dental records, including any photographs or X-rays and bring these along to a consultation and we could take it from there.

Kind regards, Dr Mark Hughes.

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