I had 20 Crown Replacements And Now My Feel Teeth Are Loose, What Should I Do?

I had cosmetic crown replacements on 20 teeth. I had a great deal of trouble getting them right. As in, I had to have many adjustments carried out by my dentist. My bottom front teeth kept hitting each other resulting in constant movement. Fortunately, that has been resolved for the most part, but now my bottom canine is loose. This has just occurred over the last week. Do you think this is because of the constant movements? The bottom teeth have been in place since June. What can be done for this? Should I go to a specialist rather than my actual dentist who carried out the crown replacements? Thank you for any help you can  provide. 
Hello, I think you should first of all go to the dentist who did the treatment for you so he/she can investigate your concerns. If you would like a second opinion then a specialist or a dentist highly experienced in restorative dentistry would be ideal. I hope this helps. Kind regards


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