I Don’t Like My Top Partial Denture And I Would Like A Rough Estimate Of How Much A Bridge Costs?

Hello Dr Moore. My problem is that I have a part denture at the moment, right hand side top, I think my dentist said they were, only one tooth was broken but my dentist took the two out, I didn’t realise at the time, because of the injection I couldn’t feel anything. I now have to wear this disgusting part denture and I hate it, it hurts the roof of my mouth. I would like to ask how much would it cost me to have a fixed bridge? And how long will it take to do? Thank you.
Hi, thank you for your enquiry. It’s difficult without seeing you in person but as a guide bridges cost £500 per tooth. It’s important to find a dentist who you are comfortable with so that you can bring these matters up and make sure you fully understand what the treatment entails. If you would like further information on this treatment, you can find it through a simple search on the pages of this website. I hope this helps you. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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