I don’t have the money to fix all my teeth, what can I do?

Hello Doctor I am 33 years and am looking for affordable payment scheme for my 2 crewked teeth i need to fix them before my wedding 30th june my budget is so tight i need help asap plizi have visited a denetist who told me that it will cost me 4200 f06 6 teeth at the moment i can afford 1200 for the 2 only if i can spread the cost with any dentist for six of them i would be greatful the picture you have used as a dame toshow crowked teeth is how mine look like thank you 
I don’t really know what to suggest as I’m not really sure how many teeth need to be treated to achieve the best result. As a guide though 6-8 veneers will give you the best result for crowding, treating just 2 teeth doesn’t really give great results. You could ask your dentist if he offers a payment plan. We use a company called Medenta, they offer 2 years credit to spread out the cost of treatment for patients
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