I Don’t Eat Sweets, Smoke Or Drink, So Why Are My Teeth Are Rotting Away?

Hi, I had problems when I was a kid with the dentist my parents picked and since then I’ve never really had much trust in dentists. I want this to change. Since I’ve had kids my teeth keep getting worse and I don’t know what to do please help. I have just been to a new dentist today as I’d lost a filling at the weekend, when he had a look he wasn’t happy with my teeth at all and said who was you’re last dentist and do you eat a lot of sugar food and drink loads of tea when I told him, he looked at me and didn’t believe me.
I’m a veggie, don’t eat sweets and won’t give them the kids, I only drink water as don’t like tea or coffee since my first child, I don’t smoke or drink.
I’m pregnant at the moment and getting very scared over my teeth as he told me the tooth I need treatment on needs a new filling as it was rotten in places. I don’t want all my teeth to rotten away.
Please help, I don’t know what can I do please.
I would suggest that based on what you have told me that you need to have trust in your dentist, whose professional opinion should be considered, It is recommended that you go for regular check-ups.. Stick with this guy and try to get the treatment you need all sorted. Also is it possible that your vegetarian diet may be missing essential vitamins such as Calcium which contribute to healthy bones and teeth?
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