I don’t agree with my dentist’s opinion on the shade of my new crowns or his behaviour. Can I go elsewhere?

I recently visited a dentist as the crowns on my front teeth were looking pretty awful and had a black line around the top. As I was going to an important wedding I said maybe it would be best to wait until after Christmas but he insisted that they would be finished in time. The dentist suggested changing all four at the same time as he could then possibly alter the teeth slightly, making them a bit smaller. I said that would be great , I told him that I was happy with my teeth just hated the black lines. He went ahead and did the impressions and then told me that I shouldn’t have such white teeth as white teeth were for young people, I didn’t think I was that old at 51. I told him that I just wanted the same shade that I already had. At the end of the visit, I asked if I could look at the shade that he was thinking of doing and I was horrified that he had picked a dark yellow colour. I told him that I didn’t like it and he suggested that I go and visit the technician. The technician suggested A2 which I was more happy with as my originals were A1 and B1 but had obviously darkened a bit over the years. I told him that I would be happier with A1 but wouldn’t mind if he could maybe do something between A1 an A2. The technician agreed. My husband then visited the dentist for a filling and the dentist said that he wasn’t very happy with my choice of shade and made this very clear to my husband. I have now had a letter from him saying that the crowns won’t be started until I write a letter confirming that this was my decision. I’m really unset as I now have a wedding to go to with really awful temporary crowns and I really don’t want to go back to him but will I be able to go elsewhere now as he has the impressions of my original crowns. I haven’t paid him anything yet. Where do I stand? I would be really grateful for a reply.
Speak to your dentist you can choose whatever colour you want for your teeth but if the dentist does not agree he/ she may get you sign something. A1/b1 is not too light depending on your other teeth also if you like the lighter colour then that is all that really matters.
ps i responded to your email first sorry!
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