I Can’t Get New Dentures as my Gums are Worn. What Should I Do?

I am 60 years old. When I was 13, I had to have fillings in my front teeth about every 6 months for 2 years, as they kept falling out. The dentist then suggested I should have two false teeth which were on a small plate. I then had gum disease, and the rest of my upper teeth were removed. It was the norm in those days to have teeth removed. I developed gum disease in my lower teeth, and again they were removed. I was 14 and had a full set of dentures. I was meticulous about cleaning my teeth, so it was distressing to lose all my teeth. I haven’t had any new dentures for 20 odd years, as the last dentist said my gums were so worn he wouldn’t fit any more. My lower gum is so worn, my dentures are so loose, I am worried they may fall out, please give me options what can be done. I am willing to go private for the treatment, but have no idea of the cost of cosmetic dentistry.
Hi. Thank you for your question.

Don’t worry, there are options for you!

Once teeth have been extracted the bone which holds the teeth in place slowly starts to resorb away. This is a very common problem in people who have had their teeth removed at a young age. The speed of bone resorption is much faster in the lower jaw than the upper and this is often why people find wearing dentures in the lower jaw more difficult.

Dental implants are, in simple terms, titanium screws which are inserted into the bone and act like the roots of teeth. Individual teeth or dentures can then be built on top of these implants to restore the dentition. In some people, due to the amount of bone that has resorbed following the extraction of their own teeth, they may need some grafting of bone in the areas the implants will be placed.
Dental implants have a very good success rate. Unfortunately, like natural teeth, dental implants can be affected by gum disease – so it is vitally important that your oral hygiene is exceptional to allow success of the treatment.

You would need a full examination with an implant expert to assess suitability for the placement of implants. However, from the information you have given, the ideal solution would most likely be the placement of four implants in both the upper and lower jaws and attachment of a non-removable denture to restore your smile and bite.

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