I Can’t Afford To Have A Bone Graft With Dental Implants. Would A Unit 4 Bridge Attached To Implants Be Less Costly?

Hello Mark. I’ve had a bridge for roughly 15 years, it was for one missing central incisor due to a accident as a child but my other central incisor which the wing is attached to is failing and needs to be extracted.  I want implants but due to bone loss I’d need a bone graft for both my two front teeth which I can’t afford as well as dental implants, could I remove both lateral incisors to get immediate implants with a 4 unit bridge to avoid bone graft? Thank you.
Rather than extract the healthy teeth you could consider bridge options using both the lateral incisors for support. This would probably be preferable to more extractions and implants; this is of course an opinion without seeing your dental condition in person. The cost of extracting two teeth and placing implants and a bridge with 4 teeth on it is likely to cost more than the graft and two implants with 2 porcelain teeth (not 4). The bone graft is probably your most ideal option to avoid damaging or losing the lateral incisors.  regards


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