I Believe My Orthodontist Removed Teeth Incorrectly, Can I Take Any Action?

Please Help! I need your advice on what to do. After a long 3 yrs, I finally had my braces removed. I had an over-bite & crowding on top and only crowding on the bottom. Due to this, I had 2-4 molar extractions & now I have spacings in between my teeth(s)! As soon as they were off, I told my ortho about the spacings & was told that if i wear my retainers they would close (It has now been 8 months!!!). I rescheduled an app. to see them & was told that I needed bondings because my teeth(s) were in in their correct position & they couldn’t be moved any closer. So I thought it was fine, I’ll get the work done but to only find out that it had to be paid out of my pocket! Since they were highly recommended, I sincerely trusted them & never questioned their judgement. I’m no expert but I believe that they shouldn’t have extracted anything & if they would’ve known better, they should’ve known that I would have spacing issues from the very beginning (I read that they can actually measure/calculate the size of your teeths to determine that this won’t happen). Now I’m worried that I spent all that money for nothing & I’m gonna have to live with the ugly spacings because of their mistakes.
Hello. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I can’t really answer this without seeing the work of your orthodontist. I would recommend that you see them again and voice your grievance with them. Sorry I can’t be of any more help.
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