I Am Worried About The Effects Of Amalgam Fillings. Please Guide Me On Whether I Should Go For Amalgam Fillings Or Cerec?

Hello Dr. Mark,
I have 6 cavities and I am getting them filled soon. My dentist is suggesting Amalgam fillings. I have done so much research on effect of Amalgam on health and teeth. Even composite fillings are not durable. I have come across Cerec cad cam fillings, but not sure of its durability and effects on health.
I am looking for long durable, natural looking fillings.
Please guide me on whether I should go for Amalgam fillings or Cerec? Or any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
Good day!
Good Day. So in order to answer your questions I need to ask a few more:

Do you want aesthetic fillings (tooth coloured) or are you okay with metal?
Does the potential for metal corrosion and toxicity worry you?
How large are the fillings?
What kind of budget are you on?

If you want aesthetic fillings or have concerns over metals then amalgam is out of the question. In general if the fillings are large and encompass more than 1/3 the width of the tooth, then ceramic is better than direct composite fillings as they do not shrink. Smaller fillings can be done with direct composite which is not as expensive as Cerec or other forms of porcelain restoration. In both cases the skill of the dentist and/or dental ceramist (technician) will determine the quality of the aesthetic result and how natural and ‘anatomical’ it will look.

You need to ask yourself and your dentist these questions. For best results with tooth coloured options seek out a very experienced cosmetic dentist. Regards, Mark.

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