I am worried about having my teeth recontoured

Please help. I am worried to death about having some teeth recontoured for an Invisalign brace. I have been told that some of my teeth will be filed so that this can create space to move the teeth. I’m worried that it will hurt, what it will look like. Am i going to have horrible gaps in my teeth? Does that look unattractive I’m very scared. Will it ruin the health of my teeth? Apparently it is needed for the Invisalign brace but I don’t want any gaps in my teeth.
Sometimes this treatment, called ‘interproximal reduction’ is required to get a satisfactory orthodontic result. It is quite common. However in a lot of cases it can be avoided with careful planning and more comprehensive treatment. Sometimes Invisalign cannot achieve the same results as high quality customised braces without needed the reduction.

You should ask your dentist/orthodontist if there is an alternative option. More comprehensive treatment or a fixed brace option may cost more however – the reduction can often be used to shortcut treatment times.

If you have not already committed to the plan and the aligners have not yet been ordered then speak to the dentist about alternatives or seek a second opinion.

If the reduction is done very carefully, is not too over-aggressive and in patient and skilled hands, then it is very safe. I would ask how experienced the dentist is in carrying out IPR and ask for photos of previous examples to put your mind at ease.

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