I am unhappy with my past root canal treatment should I pay my dentist or not

Q. A couple of years ago I went to a cosmetic dentist with whom I had 3 crowns done and root canal treatment on 2 teeth. The crowns were dreadful and stupidly I coughed up. When I had an appmnt. for one of the root canal treatments I was asked if Iminded another dentist doing it as the original dentist had gone to Germany on a course. The covering dentist had been shipped in from Manchester not only to cover for treatment but also to cover up the fact that his coun terpart was practicing whilst struck off. He tried far too long to find the root and it scared me of dentists to this day. I registered with NHS for routine checks after this. Just recently I approached another cosmetic dentist to re-do my crowns. After X Rays she said the root was damaged on tooth Mcr dentist did, but that she could extract it and bridge it to two crowns either side. She also said the other root canal was infected and needed treatment. This was going to be used in the bridge. I went for first appmnt and had panoramic x-ray and diagnostic wax-up. A couple of days later I went to my NHS dentist for routine check, explained to him what I was having done and he said that the teeth to be used in bridge weren’t very good and that I could be wasting my money as root canal could become infected again. As the cosmetic dentist had taken a large deposit off me I stopped the cheque and said I wasn’t going ahead but that I would pay for the appnmt I’d had. It was to be £350. I am peeved at having to pay this, and haven’t done yet. Shall I or shall I not. Sorry for the rambling but I’ve had it with dentists. I could even add to this. Please advise.

A. The £350 sounds like a fair price to me- as you’ve has a diagnostic wax up and Panoramic xray- also for the surgery time.
You need to understand that alot of dentists have very different opinions as to what the best treatment will be.
It is difficult for me to say, as I have not seen the xrays- or the state of the teeth. All I can say is that the risk is always taken with all dental treatment and things such as root canal treatment is not always successful. In future, I would recommend seeing a specialised endodontist for any root fillings. I would definately recommend that the treatment for the overall aesthetic results, be done with a cosmetic dentist (as you weren’t happy with the origional crowns)
Instead of having a conventional bridge, perhaps you can consider having dental implants. This option would mean that the adjacent teeth will not have to be compromised. It is a more costly option, but something to bear in mind. Good luck and hope you get the treatment you need.

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