I Am Scared Of Dentists And Haven’t Been In 24 Years, My Teeth Are Cracking Though, What Is Your Advice?


I’m embarrassed to have to say the following. I’m a 34yr old male who hasn’t attended a dental practise since a horrible nightmare dentist appointment when I was about 10years old. I’ve always brushed my teeth over the years and generally follow a pretty healthy diet although I do prob consume alittle more chocolate than I should at times.lol I’m not overweight or nothing though and am train at a gym regularly. A few years back while on hol my tooth cracked, I never did anything about it due to my fear. Since then I’ve had 3 teeth crack and all are at gum line. I have a 4th that is partially cracked but I’m sure this will also fall out. I’m so scared but I know enough is enough and I need to seek help. I have some loss of enamel on front teeth but no cracks or nothing. I have quite alot of tartar behind front lower teeth but not upper ones. I have some occasional pain but nothing to significant. I would like some advice in my best way fwd and if you think I’m going lose all my teeth.

The best way forward is for you to go and see a really good dentist as soon as possible. Choose a dentist who has experience dealing with nervous patients and who has a sympathetic and understanding staff who will take the time to listen to you concerns

Best wishes.

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