I am registered disabled, can I get dental implants through the NHS?

hi dr moore. i am 47 and have no top teeth due to gum disease and as a result of domestic abuse as my ex-husband who knocked a lot of them out. i have a full top denture but it is uncomfortable, and does not stay in place even using denture fixatives. i do not seem to be able to use my front teeth for biting they just don;t work. how much would implants cost? and would it be possible to get any assistance from the nhs given my circumstances? i currently am on the nhs list with my dentist and am registered disabled. i have tried numerous denture fixatives but none of them stick them in well enough.Any help would be appreciated, thank you. 
Hello, sorry to hear about your problems and thanks for your questions. I don’t think you’ll get implants on the nhs I’m afraid
The cheapest solution is an implant retained denture starting at around £6000. I hope this helps. Regards. 
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February 27th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
ben zama Says :

dr moore , i am 38 and i have some teeth but most of them rooten when i came to the uk i had beautifull teeth since 2002 i startwed lossing them one by one and recently i’ve been diagnosed diabetic another problem come out just am asking how much gonna cost me if i want to implant and can nhs pay for that
thanks any help will be good

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