I am not happy with crown treatment from my private dentist, is there anything I can do?

I recently had a private crown fitted on one of my top front teeth. This cost me 450 pound. The dentist did not discuss with me the actual materials that would be used pior to the impession being made. I did make it clear that I did not want any darkness where the crown fitted into the gum. When the crown arrived, I was most unhappy as it was a different colour, more creamier than my other teeth, although the colour the dentist chose appeared to be correct. Also the crown was more rounded and not flat like my other teeth. But I did notice that the crown had a metal interior, which I have to be honest I did not expect. I was told many years ago by another dentist that a private crown is not made with the metal. So I am asking should a private crown be made of porcelain alone or are there occasions where the inside is still metal ?
I have had the crown fitted now but still am not totally happy wit it. It still looks creamier in certain lights. Is this because of the metal interior. Also it is wider than my other front tooth. I did ask my dentist to replace a tiny filling which was at the top of my tooth beside the crowned tooth but he drilled the whole tooth down and then the impression was taken for the crown which I believe has caused my tooth to be wider. Thie crowned tooth now feels jammed against the other front tooth and is sometimes causing some sensitivity. What do I do ?. Did I not have the correct quality of a private crown fitted ?
Private crowns can be made of all porcelain or metal bonded porcelain. The choice of material is dependent on the bite and the colour of the tooth stump under the crown. It sounds like the crown might need adjusting if it still feels tight. This should get better normally after 2-3 days. Ask your dentist to take another look to see if there is anything they can do for you.
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