I Am Not A Suitable Candidate For Invisalign And Will Need Train Tracks For About 18 Months. Is This Something You Can Assist With?

I have a severe over bite (where the first set of teeth overlap the bottom set completely) because of this both sets of teeth go inwards. My teeth are generally straight however the problem is that both sets need pushing out and my over bite needs to be addressed. I have previously been advised (about 2 years ago) that I am not suitable for Invisalign and that I will indeed need train tracks for about 18 months – 2 years. Is this something you can assist with? I am happy to have train tracks if needed, however I do not want them to be overly visible if that’s okay? Ideally I would like to get booked in ASAP to start treatment. I look forward to your response.
Kind Regards.
Yes my practice has two specialist orthodontists that can carry out the fixed braces for you, of which there are several types to discuss. We can offer you an appointment for a consultation this week.

Please email [email protected] and ask for a full consultation with one of our ‘specialist orthodontists’ – you will need some scans and X-rays taken on the day to fully assess your treatment needs but these are included in the consultation fees. Kind regards, Mark.

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