I Am Going Through Orthodontic Treatment, Can My Teeth Be Shortened Without Paying Extra?

Hi. I am on a private treatment to traighten my teeth by braces (1yr braces 1yr removable retainers) and it has cost me £1700. My teeth are starting to traighten Howevr i am really worried about my long front two teeth. Is possible if i can have them shortened by my orthodontist without paying extra money as i am already on a private treatment? Like the work that is being done is great so far but obviously it is exspensive.Not that I am complaining at all, I understand that dental care is tricky and it is difficult to find good quality treatmetn. I havent talked to my orthodontist
about it because i want get more professional advice before I bring it up so that I can be a little more prepared to debate it as I am unsure currently and im worried he might say no and make something up so he can get rid of me. Please advice. Thank you
Speak to your orthodontist often teeth can be re shaped at the end of your treatment but tell them sooner so they can give you options.
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