I Am Currently Receiving Enlighten Whitening. Should I Be Get Treatment Prior To Using The Dental Whitening Trays?

Hi there Dr Moore. I am currently receiving the enlighten whitening treatment.
I expected some work before I used the trays, but all my dentist did was show me how much of the product to put in my trays before I fit them at night.
Is this correct?
I have been told I will receive an hours appointment at the end of the 2 week treatment.
Should the teeth not be cleaned properly before hand?
I had a clean 2 weeks before after my check up but the hygienist only scraped my teeth (private clean)
There were some brown marks left on my teeth after the clean, which the dentist said was permanent scarring?(I have scraped some of this off myself)
Many thanks.
Hello. It’s a home tooth whitening treatment without prior dental treatment. If you follow the instructions and go back when you’re due to, the dentist should see how it’s working for you and tell you what to do from there. I hope this clears things up for you. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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