I Am Absolutely Petrified Of The Dentist! What Can I Do As I Need Treatment?

Hi, my problem is that I am absolutely petrified of the dentist. I tend to go twice a year and let the dentist look and the last time I went I started to have a clean but nearly I passed out I was that scared. Now I have a loose back tooth which is really very painful. My face is swollen and I can’t eat on that side so you can imagine this is a hindrance. I am on immunosuppression and on warfarin and I know both of these can possibly affect my gums. I have got to the stage where I will have anything done and I want to know if I can be put to sleep during the procedures I need, is that possible? Thank you for your time.
It’s my pleasure. Having sedation may be an option for you. Alternatively there are techniques such as hypnotherapy that might also be helpful for you. I would advise that you seek out a dentist locally who has lots of experience dealing with anxious patients and they should be able to offer you a range of options to help you with your condition.  Best wishes


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