How Would I Deal With My Pointed, Misaligned Teeth?

Hello Dr. Please please help me. My teeth have been stealing my confidence since i was a kid. My 2 upper cuspid are so pointed. Like a fang. And the left cuspid was not in proper place. my 2 lower cuspid are pointed but not that much. My teeth are stained due to coffee and im so tired of using whitening products. I want to have braces so my left upper cuspid will be pushed back. But i realize it wont solve the problem with my pointed and stained teeth. It wont vanish. Still like a vampire. I read that veneers can fix this. My 4 upper teeth in front are also not in good shape. The two in front are big. The tooth beside my left cuspid on the right is so small. Im planning to have my teeth bleach before getting veneers for my upper teeth only as ive read here but my dentist suggested to have my teeth in veneers up and down front only because if the bleached teeth will get stained again it will leave the veneers teeth white only and the rest yellow. I dont want to get veneer teeth in yellow color.But its so expensive, up and down veneer front only. What should i do? With my pointed and misaligned cuspid and stained teeth. Im willing to pay but up and down veneers are so costly and im in a really tight budget. Im so desperate to fix this problem to finally gain confidence. Please please help me. Thank you so much!
I would really need to see you so I can come up with a number of options and see which one suits you best in terms of a nice result and budget. Try to make an appointment at my practice, The Mulberry if you can. Details can be found on this website.
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