How much would six veneers be for my wedding?

Hi I was wondering of an estimate price for 6 veneers on my top 6 teeth as I would like them done for my wedding.
I don’t like my teeth at the top because I have quite small teeth, there not even on each side, I have quite a large gap between 2 teeth and they are discoloured.
Oviously I want to smile on my wedding photos and love it.

Also would like to know is there any side affects of having them done and do you have to have them done again and if so how long after?


Hi and thanks for the questions.

To give you an accurate estimate you should come and see me for a consultation and examination. That would be the only way to assess you properly , your aesthetic needs and your dental health. The complexity of your situation and how to correct it will also have a bearing on the fee.

There are also lots of different types of veneers. They can be ‘no preparation’ , composite veneers, porcelain veneers to name a few.

As a rough guide veneers cost from £400 to over £1000 per tooth depending on the type and the quality and the skill and experience of the cosmetic dentist – the very best dentists will have larger fees as they usualy achieve better and more predictable and longer lasting results. The dental laboratory technician who makes them is also very important for the best results and they also will have higher fees for the very best craftsmanship.

I would advise that you go and have a consultation as soon as possible so that you have enought time to get your treatment completed before your wedding

Kind regards


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