How much would it cost to replace my two front teeth?

I have just left the royal marines after 8 yrs of service. During my time i had two of my front teeth knocked out. I was given a plate to wear but do not like the feeling of it in my mouth. I was told that to have implants i would need bone putting back in my gum first. Im just wondering what sort of cost this would be as i can not go on looking like this as im only 28.
Cheers for your help 
Hi Sorry to hear about your teeth incident.

In order to give you a very accurate quotation for the treatment involved you’d need to have a comprehensive examination and assessment of the problem. I’d advise you see our implant and Prosthodontic specialist as it sounds like your case could be complex, especially with the potential for bone grafting.

To give you a ball park figure however it could be anywhere between £4000 and £8000 depending on complexity and the quality for the aesthetic result you’re after – this of course would be subject to the appraisal by our specialist

Hope that helps somewhat

Please come and see our specialist in London if it is convenient for you…his name is Dr Nick Fahey

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