How Much Would It Cost to Have My Tooth Evened Out?

Hello. I have one uneven tooth in my mouth and I would like to know how much will it will cost to get it shaped up to look like the rest? It is just one long tooth in the front, the rest of my teeth are just fine. I just want that big tooth where you have the two big teeth in the front, but the one to the right is a tad longer then the others. I just need that to be shaped up and even like the rest of them. I would like to know the cost?
Thank you for your question. There are so many treatment options:  bonding (direct or indirect) veneers (porcelain, minimal prep or full prep) or crowns. The most ‘conservative’ and cost effective option is bonding, and this can be from £150-£600 per tooth depending on the complexity of the situation.  I’d advise you see a really experienced cosmetic dentist who can offer ALL these options to a high degree of skill to discuss it further.  Kind regards, Mark.
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