How Much Would It Cost to Get Dental Implants Through the NHS?

Hi Dr Huges. I am looking into getting all my teeth pulled out and have screw-in teeth or dental implants to replace them. I have had cancer and since then I have finished my chemotherapy and now I have had nothing but problems with my teeth, I brush them two times a day every day and they just keep rotting. I am in pain most the time, and I just want to get it sorted now. I currently don’t work so would have to go through the NHS as I couldn’t pay for private treatment. If you could tell me how much it will cost and how long the wait would be. I would be very grateful. Many thanks for your time.
Hello, thank you for your question.  I cannot advise you on NHS treatment as I do not partake in NHS care. Cosmetic dentistry is quite often an elective procedure, and so not covered by the remit of the NHS system. You should contact your local health authority for advice on having treatment to help you.

Kind regards,  Mark.

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