How much will veneers cost per tooth?

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  1. Kunti says:

    Hi, im just enquireing about teeth veneers, just wanted to know how much they were?

  2. Bakarne says:

    Prices vary nationwide make sure you find a good cosmetic dentist.

  3. Adriana says:

    Ok Thanks. Could you point me in the right direction please to where a good cosmetic dentist is.

  4. Edeva says:

    i need veneerers for my 10 top teeth. how much will i pay?

  5. Jeremiah says:

    It depends from practice to practice. Veneers can start at £500 per tooth

  6. Jamesina says:

    how much does composite veneers cost?

  7. Mecaenus says:

    It really depends approx costs of composite veneers are £150-600 per tooth depending on what is needed.

  8. Presley says:

    i have a full set of teeth and had a brace a good few years ago one of my top teeth have moved back a little and when i smile it looks like i aam missing a tooth my dentist mentioned putting a veneer on it just wondering how much it would cost just for 1 tooth thankyou laura

  9. Mattea says:

    The cost of veneers will vary between practices, however you should expect to pay between £450 & £650 per vene

  10. Suniti says:

    Hi, i was wondering how much it would cost for a full set of porcelein veneers for all of my teeth and can i get help from the NHS or a local dental hospital where a student can do my veneers for free or cheap?

  11. Benny says:

    The cost of veneers can vary from dental practice to dental practice. the cost ranges from £500 – £1000 usually. hope this is helpful.

  12. Leslie says:

    when do i have to take off my veneer teeth off or do they stay on permanently?

  13. Barrett says:

    Dont worry Leslie, they should stay on permanently unless they are provisional veneers whilst the final ones are been made.

  14. Roberto says:

    Hi What is the cost of sixteen veneers? Thanks

  15. Darrion says:

    From £8000 to £12,000 depending on the lab and porcelain used

  16. rebecca says:

    how much ruffly will a full mouth of veneers cost?

  17. josh says:

    Hey I’m josh how much is 16 ?!?!?!

  18. jemma says:

    omg to expensive get dentures lol

  19. Viky says:

    Need to win the lottery before I can even think about veneers! My teeth are in good condition, i had braces a few years back but they’ve moved and I hate them! I want them whiter as well! Ahh why the so expensive

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