How Much Will It Cost To Have A Full Set Of Dentures?

Hello doctor Bohara, I;m 39 years old and I had front dentures put in at a young age but now i would like to get a full set for the rest of my teeth because the rest of my teeth are in poor condition. I would need to be put to sleep for taking my teeth out because I’m a very nervous patient. How expensive would it be to have this done. Also, will I have to go any amount of time without dentures in because I would find that difficult and be too ashamed to do anything without any teeth. This is my last hope, I hope you can help me make my dream to smile again a reality, and bring my confidence back, Thanks,
Hello there, If you wished a full denture , then a temporary denture would be required after the teeth are removed. This would be done on the same day. Therefore, at not point would you be without teeth. The cost of the denture will depend of the quality you wish. good luck, 
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