How Much Does Simpli5 Cost?

Hi there. My two front upper teeth are a little crooked. The left is overlapping the right tooth. The rest of my teeth are pretty straight upper and lower. It’s only the front two that are bothering me. I’ve been for a consultation at my local dentist and was recommended six month braces, but I want to avoid wired braces. After looking around I’m considering Simpli5 and wanted your opinion and a rough idea how much they would cost. Thank you.
Hey, thank you for getting in touch. As a rough idea, Simpli5 or Invisalign i7 are usually around £1500 to £2000. What you must remember with any aligner system is it’s impossible to promise your treatment will be completed after a fixed number of aligners, and so more aligners and more costs might be incurred.

Another option could be an Inman Aligner?

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