How Much Does It Cost To Have Some Wire Bonding To Fix A Gap Opening Up, And Is This The Correct Procedure?

I recently closed my 3.5mm wide front teeth gap with Orthofill band it only took me almost 2 months but now I have gap in each side so I start wearing the band for the four front teeth but I know it will create another gap eventually. Some one advised me to do small wire bonding for my two front teeth so they don’t re-open back but I haven’t got a clue how much it would cost me and with the other gaps I have do you think doing bonding can be the solution and if it is what sort of price am I looking? Thank you for taking your time out.
Hi. As you can imagine it is difficult to comment on your specific case without seeing you, however most dentists would advocate some sort of retention after teeth have been moved. This can either be a thin wire attached to the back of your upper front teeth (fixed orthodontic retainer) or a thin plastic guard that sits over all the teeth (removable orthodontic retainer). The later is reasonably inexpensive and simple to make. I hope this helps. Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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