How much do veneers cost and is this price per tooth?

how much would it cost for a durathin venneer for the whole of the top front teeth? including consultation fee, also how much would it cost for the top and bottom sets combined as when described as one veneer on the internet i am not sure if they mean one tooth or the one complete veneer on the gum shield covering the whole of the top or bottom set of teeth, as i have seen on the internet that show pictures of before and after results it seems that it does not matter if you have capped teetth as the veneers would still work? and is the whiteness of the patients veneers variable as again in before and after pictures there are smiles that look better but not in the whiteness of the original teetth although they look more natural to the orignals they are not as desirable unless improved by several shade of white without being over the top
I’m sorry I don’t do these veneers, however a Lumineer sounds similar, these cost around £700 per tooth. When a veneer cost is quoted it generally means per tooth.
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