how much can i expect to pay for dental crowns?

Q. Hi,hoping you can help-I am a 36 year old woman and have had crowns on my two front teeth for around ten years following an accident where they were chipped.In the last 2 years I have noticed a gap forming in between the teeth which is becoming more noticeable.I have not seen a dentist in 3 years,I have been on an NHS dental waiting list for over 12 months but heard nothing,anyway I am seeing a private dentist on September the 8th and was wondering a,whats making the crowns move? (as I have no pain,or bleeding) b,how much I can expect to pay,depending on what work will be needed.c,whether you can tell me what are my options? I hope you can answer my question as soon as possible.

A. The crowns are probably not moving but the teeth underneath might be. This could be as a result of gum disease causing mibility. Ask the dentist to check this and to take x-rays to check the bone levels around the teeth.

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