How many dental implants will I need to replace my denture?

I currently have a metal denture with 2 back teeth each side which i have had for about 3 months, i sleep in it and although I can now chew food it doesn’t taste the same and food gets lodged underneath the plate when I am eating. I have had my wisdom teeth out an have no back teeth at all. Would I need 4 implants and approximately what cost am I looking at? How long would the treatment be expected to take. I am an insulin dependant diabetic other than slower healing would this make any difference?
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It could be possible that 2 implants would suffice , but of course we’d have to examine you to find out exactly what would be best. At my practice we use only the finest quality dental implants made in Switzerland, one of the very best implant surgeons in the UK , Dr Nick Fahey, and the crowns would be of supreme quality and finish. They cost approximately from £3000 each but of course we’d have to find out if you needed any bone grafting and if any other treatment was needed to achieve the best result for you

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